31st October 1962


I hope married life isn’t as complicated as it is to get the ceremony booked.

The last two weeks we have been backwards and forwards between towns and the churches of the towns.  I have been disappointed and got so fed up with it all.

We went back to St. Margarets and saw the person we needed to see.  I knew we had to have a connection to the parish and was all ready with Uncle Harry’s address but the electoral register was checked and it had to be Mum and Dad who lived in the parish.  I did explain that my parents were married at St. Margarets but to no avail.

That same evening we had some worrying information about the Odeon as a reception venue so that needed to be investigated further.

The second choice for a church was St. Elisabeth at the end of Parsloes Avenue as it was conveniently close to home.  If the reception was to be at the Odeon I would have the long journey after the ceremony instead of before.  So, we went there to investigate.  The vicar is available on Wednesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm, we had a whole week to wait.

Three days later we went to the Odeon and found that we had been given completely the wrong impression of prices.  Much too expensive for us so we have to look for somewhere else for the reception that is more within our price range.  So much for a Barking wedding.  That won’t happen on both counts.

The next Wednesday we were St. Elisabeths but the vicar wasn’t!  The church warden was very helpful though as, when he looked up my address it was to find my house is 10 houses outside their parish.  That didn’t appear to perplex him too much as he suggested we give someone else’s address.  This time Uncle Bill came in useful but I couldn’t remember his house number.

After 2 weeks of going here and there and getting nowhere this evening we booked our wedding.  The church is booked for 3 pm 4th May 1963.  Six months this coming Sunday.  The church hall isn’t let for functions though so the next job is to get that sorted out.

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