11th November 1962


Engaged one year today! 

Not a very interesting week.  We spent last Saturday with Marje and Bill and let off some fireworks to mark Guy Fawkes day.  It was a pretty rather than a noisy display and the baby loved it.

We got back to my house to find everyone with long faces.  The picture valve on the TV had gone kaput so no tele!  That meant I spent Sunday evening at Alan’s to watch the Royal Variety Performance.  I didn’t want to miss the highlight of the television year.  Bob Hope had top billing, not my favourite comedian because I don’t find him particularly funny but easily made up for by Cliff Richard and the Shadows and the jazz from Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth.  Frank Ifield and Rosemary Clooney performed as well so lots of different music styles to suit everyone.

I had a day off from work on Monday and was home when the TV repair man came.  That wasn’t worth his visit as he didn’t have whatever part he needed so he had to come back Thursday. 

Friday at work was dominated by Valerie Symes’ 21st birthday.  Thank goodness that’s over.  We’ve heard about nothing else for weeks!

Work is light so we have another round of afternoons off and I chose next Tuesday for mine so I can go and spend some time with Nan.  Since she has been living with Aunty Rose it is so easy to get off the District Line at Upney Station and cross the road to her house.  Then, early yesterday morning Aunty Rose phoned to say that Nan had had a stroke the night before and was in hospital.  She had been ill during the afternoon then seemed to be better.  Mum and I went to visit yesterday and could see that Nan was very weak.  Uncle Bert was also there and we got a lift home on his motor-bike with Mum in the sidecar and me riding pillion.  Brought back memories when Dad had a motor-bike and sidecar and when Jen was a baby she would be in the sidecar with Mum and I would ride pillion behind Dad hanging onto to his waist as tight as I could.  I must have been about 7 or 8 at the time!

dad's motor bike

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