16th October 1962


We have a plan of campaign!  Last week we went to St Margaret’s church in Barking to find out when we can see someone to book the date for our wedding.

St Margaret's Barking

It is the church where Mum and Dad married in 1938 and I have always liked the idea of also getting married there.  Thursday, Friday or Saturdays in the early evenings are the days we can see the person we need.

There must be a church hall connected and we have considered it for the reception but first we needed prices and costs to compare.  We have heard that the Barking Odeon has a hall to rent out that might be suitable.  So that had to be followed up  before going to the church.

We went to Ron and Brenda’s party last Saturday.  It is a year since their wedding.  I was glad to leave at 11 pm.  Even Alan didn’t enjoy it.  I don’t like that crowd very much.  I had my hair cut the day before and washed it at home.  Alan arrived while I still had it pinned up.  That was a bit of a shock for both of us!

I met Alan from work today.  He had phoned the Barking Odeon.  The prices seem reasonable so it is likely we’ll have the reception there.  They are booked for 4th May which is our first choice of date but need to see about the church first.

I’m getting excited now!

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