8th October 1962


We both had an unexpected day off last week thanks to the rail unions who called a strike.  It did mean there was more to do the following day to catch up with work but it was good to have a short week.  We made use of a free day and took Mum to the cinema to see ‘Miracle Worker’ the film about Helen Keller, the deaf and blind child who was taught by Annie Sullivan how to communicate.  An OK film but not as interesting as hearing the two old ladies in the back row having a row.

We spent a day with Alan’s brother and family and had an argument on the train coming home.  Alan was in a bad mood and I suffered.  He upset me.  We haven’t seen as much of each other as usual. We’ve missed each other on the morning trains and it has been ‘come over if you want to’ in the evenings and with no definite arrangements it meant the effort to leave a warm house to go out into a cold evening didn’t happen.

I did force myself over to Alan’s house one evening and caught brother John in the process of getting ready for a night out at the Palais.  I rang the doorbell and heard a frantic ‘don’t bring her in here!  He was without trousers!  Such a fuss getting him out for the evening.

Yesterday I went to Alan’s for tea.  His Dad kept on and on about the wedding.  Now Alan is worried about money.

We’ve both had really heavy colds and it has made us miserable.  Alan is so tired and depressed lately.  He wants to get married as soon as possible. We have decided to book the church soon.  Maybe next week.

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