22nd September 1962


We’ve been out three times this week!  To the cinema yesterday.  We thought we were to see ‘From Here to Eternity’ but we must have got mixed up with the weeks.  Jigsaw, a good British police drama was being shown so we saw Jigsaw instead.

Wednesday we were at the Palais.  I lost my pass for the bar but they let me in.  That either means I look old enough to get in or I’ve been there so often that they recognised me as a boozer!

Last Sunday we went for a drink at the Fiddlers pub.  Mainly for a bit of privacy.  For some reason Alan wanted to talk about my holiday last year.  It all got very serious.  I was at his house Monday evening and he had his head stuck in a book all evening.  He hardly said a word to me or his Dad all evening.  I don’t know what I have said to make him so upset but he got over it by Wednesday.

Barking Carnival this week.  I had to work last Saturday morning but was back in time to get to Barking with Mum and Jen watch the carnival floats go by.  A good show.

carnival float

Today was the last day of carnival week and the last day of the fair. Something we try to get to every year.  Alan came with us – the family.  We had a successful time on the side stalls.  Mum won a dart board on Bingo.  We came home with 2 coconuts, nougat, a fruit dish and a plate.  Not bad for an evening out.


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