10th September 1962


First day back at work after two weeks leave and I have been so miserable all day.  Even it being pay-day didn’t help my mood.  Problem is I’ve got to get to work to get the money.  Why was work ever invented?

Last week was very relaxing.  It was good to be at home and not have to worry about getting up and out for work.

Monday evening Alan took me to football, to see West Ham beat Liverpool 1 – 0.  Imagine!  Me at a football match!  Alan told me he usually goes in the standing area but because I was with him he paid for seats.  I think he realised that to stand for two hours would be asking too much of me.  I must admit I did get bored after the first 15 minutes but amused myself by watching the crowd on the other side of the stadium.  It was too far away to make out individuals but whenever someone lit up a lighter or match for a cigarette the flame shone brightly amongst the blur of colour.  It was quite fascinating and kept me amused while 22 men were running up and down the pitch chasing a ball.

We spent each day together either at Alan’s house or mine.  I cooked for him and John on Tuesday.  That was ok except I dropped the apple crumble but I managed to salvage enough for three of us.

Wednesday was Alan’s turn to cook and Thursday he was at my house and earned his dinner by mowing Dad’s lawn.


On Friday we went for a walk in Valentine’s Park and that was the only session this week away from our houses.  Neither of us have spare money to go out so it has been TV every evening this week.  Still, I shouldn’t complain.  We had a good holiday in Devon.  If we had thought about it seriously when we decided to book the hotel we maybe ought to have thought better of it.  That money would have improved our savings a great deal.

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