1st September 1962


Home again! 

Yesterday, our last day in Paignton, passed so quickly.  Always in the back of my mind was the thought that I should be making the most of this final day.

The last evening we went for a walk along the cliffs in the twilight.  The waves below were whispering against the sand. The stillness around us was broken only by piano music coming from a big house we could see from the cliff path.  One of the downstairs rooms was lit by a soft yellow light and tunes we knew from Frank Sinatra’s repertoire drifted on the breeze towards us.

So romantic!  We stood and listened for a few minutes before moving on and mentally preparing ourselves to return to our routine world of work, home and saving for the future.

We left the hotel at 10 am.  Sandra Gorman gave me a brochure of the hotel and I saw she had underlined ‘ideal for honeymooners’.


It was a long tiring coach journey and we didn’t get to my house until 9.30pm.

The worst part was Alan leaving me to go home to East Ham. After being with him for a whole week it didn’t seem right that he should go.

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