30th August 1962


Today we went on a boat across the bay to Torquay.  It was a pleasant relaxing journey there and we enjoyed exploring the town.  The purpose was to avoid the beach and the sun.

Yesterday I suffered!  It was the first day of what I would call true holiday weather with the sun shining non-stop throughout the day.  We had breakfast and gathered everything we thought we might need for the day and set off for the beach.  We were there early enough to have a choice of spots and laid out our towels and surrounded ourselves with our belongings.  This was our ‘home’ for the day.


It was so relaxing that I believe I even dozed for a while between my two splash arounds in the sea.  Alan can swim well so I was left to guard home base while he enjoyed a lengthy swim.  I think it was a shock to him to remember that British waters aren’t as warm as the sea off Cyprus that he had enjoyed last year.

We spent most of the day on the sands and the sun was hot. In the evening I was in tears with the pain from the blistered skin on my back.  Alan was so concerned and applied cream which did soothe it a bit.  It was early to bed last night and whether it was the cream or the long sleep I do feel better today.

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