31st July 1962


Less than a month and we will be on holiday.  I am so looking forward to it.  Just to have some time away from normal routine will be such a treat.  We don’t seem to have been anywhere definite for ages.  We went to a pub in East Ham for a drink this evening.  The usual thing, how to make one drink last an evening.

Uncle Charlie has told us that there is a new estate going up in Benfleet.  The builders are due to start next month.  He advised that we could either try to talk a piece of land to buy out of the agent or find out who to go to for one of the houses.  At least I now feel we have options and one step closer to where we will live when married.  Alan must have given it some thought and he told me he had written to Phoenix Estate Agents.  The reply came back within a couple of days.  They have 2 reasonable sounding bungalows on their books.  One for £2400 and one £2800.  But they are both on Canvey Island.

I decided to not to say anything about houses at work until I can say we have one.  Not even to Pat as she’ll just tell Carol.  Wouldn’t it be marvelous if I could just keep quiet until it was all settled.  (Can’t see that happening!)

We have spent most evenings together in either of each other’s houses.  I am getting through so much knitting and the savings are creeping up.  We did go to the cinema to see ‘The Inspector’.  A rare event nowadays and I had almost forgotten what a cinema looks like.  Good film, about a concentration camp survivor and her attempt to get to Palestine.

Family went to visit Gran last Sunday and I hadn’t told them that Alan was coming to our house.  Surprise, surprise when they got home.  And when he left I got told off for the two of us being in the house alone.  It’s the ‘what will the neighbours say‘ syndrome!


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