30th June 1962


The month has passed so quickly with the usual routine of work and evenings in.  The weather is improving enough for some ‘healthy’ walks in Parsloes Park which does give us more chance of a private conversation.  Or in some cases a chance for a decent argument without family joining in.

We have different opinions about how we should go about getting somewhere to live.  We have enough for a deposit to buy a house thanks to Alan’s time in the RAF when he was able to save so much money.  Particularly in Cyprus there wasn’t much for him to do outside the base and the facilities inside were either free or for small amount of money.

Our differences are on whether to go ahead with Uncle Charlie’s offer to build for us, which is my preference, or to buy ready made.  Our wedding day is less than a year away and we do need to make a decision soon but when I brought up the subject yet again I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that it is Alan’s place to provide somewhere to live.  I saw red!  I told him that we would be very lucky if we found land within the next 3 months. I know Alan had been discussing this with his boss at work.  As the mortgage will come from his company I suppose that does make sense.  It became obvious that the advice there was to buy ready made.  Alan wouldn’t even compromise to leave the search for land for another month.

Property was the theme of the month.  Pat had a holiday cottage in Cornwall booked for later in the summer and she suggested it might be a good place for a honeymoon.  She brought in a brochure and cards for me and Alan liked the idea so we may have got ourselves a honeymoon sorted out without too much argument.

I’ve had a letter from Lena. Her boyfriend Carl has got a summer job in London.

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