21st August 1962


The highlight of the week has to be last Sunday when Carl, Lena’s boyfriend, came to visit.  I had had a letter from him a week before asking if we could meet and Mum suggested I invite him to tea.  Alan and I met him at Heathway station.  Wow! Wow! and Wow!  He is so good looking. Very tall and very blond and just how you imagine a Swedish boy should look.

Conversation was a bit lacking at home.  Carl was so engrossed in the food put in front of him that Dad made the (quiet) comment that he would rather feed him for a week than a month.  Poor lad obviously wasn’t getting enough to eat at his lodgings. 

Things improved when Alan suggested he and I take Carl to the Fiddlers pub.  Carl was very keen on the idea as pubs are very English and he was ready to experience one.  The experience I enjoyed was walking between two tall goodlooking fellows and having to look up to both of them.  Very unusual for me at my height of 5’8”.

The pub wasn’t too crowded and we all relaxed in each other’s company and had a good laugh.  We took Carl back to the underground station and waved him off.  A very good evening!

Holidays have been uppermost in our mind this week but I was worried for a while when my supervisor told me I hadn’t done my quota of Saturday morning working.  For one awful moment I thought she was going to insist I worked this Saturday when we are booked to go on a coach leaving Friday evening.  Two weeks holiday officially begins on a Monday but everyone assumes that the weekend before is attached.

Miss UpJohn is a very nice lady and she said we can sort out my Saturdays after the holidays.  Phew!

Yesterday evening I was at home by myself for a rare few hours of peace and quiet.  Dad and Alan went to West Ham to watch football match and Mum and Jen went to the pictures.

I’ve had a half- day today and made the final decision of which clothes to pack.  Getting very excited now. 

Devon here we come!

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