31st May 1962


Pay day at last so we finished the month with intense discussions about money, where we will live, when we should start looking for land etc.  Uncle Charlie is still willing to build for us and keeps us informed when he hears about land for sale.  I think we should be making an effort to look for land.  Alan said he would phone an Estate Agents tomorrow to get some idea of costs.

On Tuesday the Queen came to St Paul’s to attend a service so the area was crowded.  New Change overlooks the back of St Paul’s and my office is first floor front so we are usually aware of something going on.  Didn’t manage to see much of interest that day though.  The excitement was over when we left work.

Knitting played a big part in this week.  Dad had brought home a bag of thick chunky wool.  One of his customers had started what she called a Fair Isle patterned jacket and made a mess of it.  Dad, knowing that Mum had been knitting Fair Isle for years, offered her help.  Mum didn’t want to do it, in fact made a bit of a fuss, so I offered to do it.   It wasn’t as bad as it might have been.  It isn’t so much Fair Isle as a picture pattern.  The wool is heavy and stiff and hard to work with.  It is something different to do so I will persevere.

I’d knitted a twin set – cardigan and jumper – for Marjorie’s mum and delivered that to Marjorie.  We were so involved with playing with the baby – who was standing on his head in his cot – that I went home without being paid.

The money was brought around the next day.  The same day that Dad brought home 15/- from the lady for the jacket she hasn’t even seen yet.  The money went straight to Mum to put into my Post Office savings book next week.

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