21st May 1962


On Tuesday I went with Jen and her friend Linda to a Teenage Fashion Show at Moultons, one of the larger stores in Ilford.  Linda’s mother had got tickets from somewhere.  I enjoyed it though at 19 I must have been one of the oldest teenagers there.  It was meant more for the younger girls.  Jen and Linda are 13 this year.  The models were that sort of age.  I felt sorry for one tall gangly girl who was so obviously embarrassed.  She was trying to hide her height by walking head down and looking at the floor.  She was wearing tennis gear.  Probably the only clothes in the range that would fit her.  Her grandma gave the biggest round of applause when she was on.

Wednesday I went to Alan’s for the evening.  His Dad was in a very talkative mood.  For some reason he decided to tell me about the habits of owls.  He’s rather sweet when he wants to be but I still can’t think of him as my future father-in-law.

The second garment I knitted for Patons & Baldwins was returned to me.  The tension was too tight.  I had to pay for the yarn (cost me 4/6d) but they haven’t sacked me!  I undid the yarn with no problem so I can easily use it again to knit something for myself.

Saturday we went to the Palais and I wore my engagement dress.  Maybe it was a bit overdressed for the venue.   I can’t help it but that sort of dancing, where you shuffle your feet in time to the music bores me. It’s just an excuse for a cuddle. I wish Alan could ballroom dance.  Dad taught me the waltz and the quickstep.  I love the quickstep and whizzing around the floor at top speed.

Sunday Alan came over at 3 o’clock and the plan was for the whole family to go to Gran’s (Dad’s Mum).  Aunt Elsie and family turned up so that scuppered that idea.  We went in the evening instead.  Gran hadn’t met Alan before.  He can be very charming when he makes the effort so I think the evening went well.

Alan busted his specs.  He had them in his breast pocket, gave me a hug and ….snap!  The lens broke right down the middle.

So, I didn’t see him on the train this morning.  He took his specs to the optician to be repaired and didn’t get into work until 11.  I spent the evening at his house.  He had a headache through wearing his stand-by NHS glasses all day.  Poor thing was in such a low mood I just wanted to mother him.  The darling!

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