13th May 1962


This morning I was up earlier than usual for a Sunday – my indulgence day when I stay in bed as long as I can get away with it.  That is, until Mum remembers I am there and finds me a job to do.

Alan stayed over (on the sofa) after missing the last train.  Last week similar had happened and he left for home before I got up.  I was told in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want that to happen again.

I haven’t been very kind to him this week.  I’m not sure why I have had  ‘hate Alan days’ as the poor dear had been doing his best to acknowledge a special week for us.  Friday the 11th was the 6 month anniversary of our engagement, closely followed by my 19th birthday on the 12th.

I suggested we met for lunch on the 11th, just to do something a bit different on the day but he refused.  That was probably for financial reasons as he sent me a bouquet of roses and carnations, for my birthday. 

I was so disappointed!  What use are they when I need something practical now I am saving so hard.  A visit to C & A for a new blouse would have been very favourable.

I didn’t cheer up until we were watching Waltz of the Toreadors at the cinema in Marble Arch.  A Peter Sellers film I enjoyed so much. 

It was my fault that the weekend finished on a low note.  I bought the tickets for the film Moon Pilot, a SciFi comedy we had both been looking forward to.  It was only when we left the box office that I realised it doesn’t start until tomorrow, Monday.  So we sat through two X certificate horror films!

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