30th April 1962


Days leave from work today.  Gas engineer came to fix something on the cooker and for some reason the house was in uproar all day.  School holidays so Jen is at home and an assortment of her friends were in and out of the house.  I wish I had avoided it all by going to work.  It would have been more peaceful.

Not a bad week I suppose.  The weather was gorgeous over Easter and I used up the film left in my camera since Christmas.  I’ll get the film developed after payday and remind myself what photos I took at Christmas.

We went to a pub in Wanstead on Sunday(22nd). I’ve forgotten the name.  The pub is one of Alan’s old haunts. It is a friendly cosy sort of place.  In all it was a nice cosy sort of a day after a rather hectic Saturday.

Saturday we spent with Marjorie and Bill and the baby.  We were there for our tea and Alan fed the baby while I held him (the baby, not Alan).  Later Alan and Bill went out to buy some drink and took so long to get back that Marj was getting worried about them.  I think they propped up the bar in the nearest pub for a swift half.  Man time!

We saw them again on Easter Monday when they brought the baby to show him off to Mum.  The same evening the whole family with Alan went to the cinema.  That was a novelty!

I got my first parcel of wool from Paton & Baldwin on Wednesday (25th.)  It’s for a jumper in dark green DK wool.  The pattern is typed on plain white paper.  I started it the same evening as I didn’t see Alan.  (His pay-day is tomorrow so he’s a bit broke!)

I am very nervous about the tension not being quite right.  I must check with Margaret at work to ask if the company want to see a sample square.

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