20th April 1962

Good Friday

Lovely lazy day today.  It was so good to stay in bed on a Friday and not have to race along Parsloes Avenue to the station to catch the train to work. The trains were running on a Sunday service so we couldn’t leave it too late for Alan to escort me home after an evening at his house. Mum and Dad went to the cinema so we weren’t allowed to be in my house by ourselves!

It has been a good week.  Last Sunday we – the family plus Alan – went to (Dad’s brother) Uncle George’s house.  It was quite a gathering as cousin Denny with his wife were visiting and cousin Janet was there having a night in with boyfriend John.  Denny is the only male in our generation of 10 cousins on Dad’s side of the family.  Janet and I have always been particularly close and often go out together.  The men played cards which gave the girls a chance to chat and catch up on our lives.  Denny gave Alan a lift home and we had to suffer the cheers as we kissed goodbye on the pavement.

A new girl started at the Bank on Monday and joined us for coffee and lunch. She’s tiny, delicate looking and called Moira.  She’s nice but she makes me feel like a giant!

Mum posted the knitting sample to Paton & Baldwin for me and I got a prompt reply.  They have accepted me and my work and sent a list of the prices they pay. I have a form to fill in with my details.

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