14th April 1962


We had such a good time last Saturday. We went to Marian’s birthday party in Harlow. It was a good Blake family gathering.

Marian was 15 when their mother died and she has lived in Harlow with sister Joyce and her family for most of the time since.  It was a chaotic evening because it took us 2 and half hours to get there.  First through missing the bus we were aiming for and then losing our way to the house.  It just made us more and more giggly and we arrived in a good mood.  It was a good party.

I didn’t realise we would be home so late.  Doreen and John brought us home.  We left at 1 am and it took an hour.  Mum and Dad didn’t say a word about getting in so late. We didn’t go to bed until 3.  Alan stayed the night on the sofa in the front room.

Sunday morning Alan had left when I got up (quite late).  He came back Sunday evening and we were supposed to be going to the cinema but it was pouring with rain and we both felt tired so we just watched TV.

I got told off!  Mum and Dad were out visiting and we are not supposed to be in the house by ourselves!  (What will the neighbours say?)  I was accused of ‘taking liberties!’

We got to the cinema on Tuesday but I did think it hadn’t been worth the effort. Road to Hong Kong with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby is not exactly my taste in humour.  I think perhaps we go to the cinema too often.  It is the cheapest option for an evening.  I need some variety in my life that doesn’t involve spending money.

Work was a bit of a worry on Tuesday when I was left alone with 3 phones for an hour because we had to re-arrange our lunch hours.  It was only my second day on the section and I wasn’t qualified to answer all the queries that might come up.  Fortunately Pat was the only one who phoned – to ask when I was going to lunch!

This evening finished off the week quite well.  For a change we went into the Church Elm pub and into the back bar where a band was playing.  We found a seat near the band who were quite good.  Very enjoyable evening for the price of one drink.

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