6th April 1962


We spent the evening baby-sitting for Doreen and John.  The children were in bed when we got there and were no trouble.  Sandra grizzled a few times but she wasn’t really awake.  It wouldn’t have been my first choice for an evening in but as one of my sick migraine headaches came on I was able to close my eyes and doze until it was time for John to drive us home.

Last Sunday the 1st was Mothers’ Day.  Alan brought a huge box of chocolates for Mum.  She was delighted and I was pleased for her.  Alan’s mother died when he was 17 and he speaks of her a great deal.  I think they were very close.

1st April last year was the day I met Michael.  I still think of him fondly.  Oh well………  Perhaps that was my ‘Other Path’. One day I might write a book on those lines.

Cinema again on Monday to see ‘The Flower Drum Song.’ ‘Nice’ film but nothing special. 

I had Wednesday afternoon off and I had lunch with Alan after collecting him from his office.  I was supposed to wait for him outside but his boss, Mr Owen-Smith, saw me hovering, recognised me and came out to bring me into the office.  Alan wouldn’t look up from his work. 

The plan was I was to go on to meet Mum at Aunt Elsie’s house but she had been delayed.  After 2 cups of tea and still no Mum I decided I would head for home.  Aunt Elsie had suggested – more than once – that cousin Barbara would be ideal as one of my bridesmaids.  Barbara is 9.  I want adult bridesmaids and I have already decided who.  I thought it wise to make a discreet exit.

At work on Thursday I was told I was to be qualified on the Sorting Table next week.  I am happy to have something different to do.  Some days get so boring with little routine work.

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