4th January 1962


I met Alan one year ago today!

We had lunch together at a cafe halfway between our two offices. It was a very rushed affair and Alan hailed a taxi for me (and paid) to be sure I was back at my desk in time. The driver seemed to think he could drop me off in Cannon Street within sight of New Change but if I was travelling in style I was going to get out at the front door and hope a colleague or two might be looking out of the window.

Before even setting a date for the wedding we have discussed where we want to live when we get married.  Uncle Charlie is a builder and is prepared to build a house for us but he has told us there is no land available locally.

This evening we went to see ‘The Guns of Navarone’ at the cinema.  A jolly good film.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a smashing day altogether.  It was nice to see Alan at lunchtime.  It has been a day of ‘do you remember…..?

guns of navaronne

20th January


We were invited to the evening party of the wedding of Alan’s friends, Ann and Dave.  An evening drinking and dancing and spent nothing.  The band was so good.  The bride looked lovely in a short dress with a long train.

This evening made a good change.  I wish there were more ways to save money and still have a social life.  Last weekend we were in a pub with Ron and Brenda making one drink last as long as possible.

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