28th January 1962


The week had begun full of hope and plans for our future.  Last Sunday Mum and Dad went to visit Uncle Charlie and Aunty Emily and came back with a message for us.  There was land for sale in Romford.  Two streets away from the White Hart pub.

The next evening Alan and I went to get more details about the land from Charlie.  He told us exactly where it was and he advised that we go there to see it and find out the price.  With work the following day we couldn’t do anything about it until yesterday.  Too late!  The land had been sold.  Ne’er mind.  There is still time to find something.

Apart from that it has been a quiet week.  I didn’t see Alan at all on Tuesday, not even on the train as I must have been half asleep and caught the District Line, Richmond destination train by mistake. Arranging to meet on the same train in the mornings – with him catching my train at East Ham station and getting on the second carriage from the end, works well until I get on the wrong train.

Wednesday he came over and we watched TV.  We can’t afford to go out.  I only had two cigarettes at work today so I am trying to do my bit on the savings front.

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