25th December 1961


I just couldn’t get up this morning even though I knew Alan was downstairs.  I was dozing on and off until about 11 when Jennifer brought my presents up.  As usual every year I think I’ve seen all my presents and a few odd ones creep in.  Including a tea cloth from Mum showing a girl in the midst of one heck of a mess.  Pillowcases from Auntie Elsie with pictures of ‘Boss’ and ‘Slave’ on them.  Boss being the woman of course.

Xmas 2

This evening was the Brown family gathering.  This year at Uncle Bill’s house.  Uncle George and cousin Denny did their party piece of the drunks’ standard song, Nelly Dean.  Denny played a drunk very well.  I don’t think Uncle George needed to put much effort into it!

So, this was Alan’s introduction to the extended family en masse.  I do believe he blended in very well. 

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