18th September 1961


             I was thinking about this football match all day and got to dreading it.  Pat gave me the idea of how I could get out of it:  phone Dad and tell him not to wait for me at East Ham station.  I did phone Dad and he tried to persuade me to go as, ‘Alan wants to see you, not me!’  I did get a twinge of conscience at that and said I would have another think about it.  If I wasn’t there at 6.50 I wasn’t coming and Dad was to bring Alan back with him – if he wasn’t too mad at me to come.

I was undecided and feeling so sorry for Alan that I was prepared to stand him up and I must have been carrying on about it too much at work tea break.  Carol came out with the old saying ‘pity is akin to love.’ Through that she thought she had hit on something pretty solid.

All I can get out of her lately is, ‘Do you think you and Alan will last?’  ‘How are you getting on with Alan?’ etc etc.  I am getting rather good at making evasive answers.  I rather suspect she has been sent on a fact-finding mission by Michael.

I spent all evening thinking about Alan and wondering ‘will he? won’t he?’  He did.  He came in, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, oh so gently, ‘why didn’t you tell me you didn’t want to go?  The match was a draw.  2 – 2.

West Ham supporters theme song ‘Bubbles’.


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