17th September 1961


Uncle Bill came round at 12.30 with the news that Gran had had a stroke.   Dad and he went off in the car to see to things – like hospital etc.  I was due at Alan’s at 3 but I didn’t want to go until Dad got back.  We had no idea how serious the stroke was.  At 3.30 there was still no sign of Dad and I had to go.

Gran 2

It’s odd really.  I wasn’t particularly frantic about Gran – who is Dad’s mum.  We had never been that close to her but as soon as I saw Alan and started to tell him why I was so late, I just burst into tears.  I was worrying enough to cry about it.  It must be the sympathetic protective look he has got about him.


I stayed at his house for dinner with his Dad and brother until his Dad went off to do the night shift at his work.  I even helped with the washing up of the dinner things!

Of all things! I am being dragged to a football match tomorrow evening.  West Ham v Blackpool.  When I told Dad I didn’t want to go he offered to keep Alan company.  I was glad and mentioned it to Alan.  Dad looked so pleased when Alan invited him along.  But I was still expected to go with them.

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