Letter 2



18th Sept 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you for the letter and the parcel.  Mum was absolutely delighted with the sandwich knife.  She said I am to thank you very much for it.  It really is a good idea.  I haven’t seen anything like it here.

Do you remember the time we spent wondering if that photo of Alan was here or with your books on the way to Sweden?  It was here.  In the middle of the postcards you bought in Dorset.  They were mixed up with my writing paper and envelopes.

At last I have had my last roll of film developed.  I think these photos are much more interesting than the others.  I wish I had taken some more of the holiday crowd.  Do you remember when we ‘buried’ Frances in the sand and had a mock funeral service?  Nobody who I showed the photo to can work out what is happening in it.

The house is in a terrible muddle at the moment.  Dad, (with Alan’s help) is decorating the two downstairs rooms.  He finished the front room this evening and they intend to start on the back room tomorrow.  We had enough space in the big room for all the furniture but I don’t know where we are going to put it tomorrow.

Last Saturday I spent a lovely afternoon shopping.  I bought myself a coat and a suit.  The coat is straight and double-breasted and is a very tiny black and white check pattern.  The suit is pale blue, has a straight skirt and a loose jacket with lapels.  I can’t wait to wear the suit but I must save it for Ron and Brenda’s wedding.

I began to get puzzled when I kept finding copies of the holiday photo that everyone signed.  It wasn’t until I saw my name on the back of one that I realised I had yours as well as mine.  So, I have sent it back to you.






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