30th August 1961

Dear Diary

Alan and I started the pattern of the weeks ahead by staying in this evening. We stayed in my house and played records and talked and he finally took his leave about 10.45.
Dad couldn’t help but mention one of his old complaints. ‘I don’t mind him coming round here but I wish you wouldn’t hide him away in the front room.’ Dad just can’t seem to understand that my boyfriends come here to see me and no matter how easy-going he is, his presence restricts conversation. People feel they have to talk to him while he is sitting there. Anyway, Alan doesn’t like watching television, he told me so. And I must keep the boy happy, mustn’t I?


We had a dose of excitement this evening. About eleven, after Mum had gone to bed, there was a hefty knock at the door. Thinking it was Alan come back for something, I answered it. Big surprise!! I was confronted by two great big coppers. The older was standing in front doing the talking and waving a torch at me as if he was preparing to attack.
He said, ‘We have reason to believe that there has been a burglary next door, where the people are on holiday. Can we climb over your back fence to investigate?’
I hadn’t got over the shock of seeing them and didn’t hear a word of this. I must have seemed pretty dumb! I kinda peered at them and grunted ‘Pardon?’ at which he said the same thing over again.



I glanced at the younger man behind him and that policeman was pretty amused by the situation. That made me relax a bit and I came to my senses.

british-policeman-uniform-vector-illustration-isolated-white-background-police-officer-cop-character-flat-design-90808569[1] (2)




I told them, ‘yes, there is a way….. DAD!

Dad came into the hall and the policeman said his party-piece through for the third time. Then it sunk into my bird brain what was going on. But dad got his word in first.
Mr. and Mrs. Houghton are holidaying in Blackpool. The first Monday they were away Joyce and Don and the baby moved into their new house, leaving the back door open for the dog to get in and out. Every evening Don comes back and feeds the dog. This evening he opened the bathroom window which, of course, didn’t escape the notice of our eagle-eyed neighbours down the road, the Philips. They phoned the police and told them about the bathroom window. Why a burglar would bother to open a bathroom window is a question nobody bothered to ask or answer.
Dad explained the position to the two officers and added that the door had been open for a fortnight. They said, because it had been reported they still had to investigate s Dad led them down our garden to show them the ‘special climbing over place’ we have cultivated.
Afterwards, Dad told us what happened. The cops asked what sort of dog it was because, ‘I don’t want the arse outa me trousers.’ Dad assured them that they were safe as it as only a pekingese so they went on into the house. They went into every room and looked around. Not by switching on the lights, just by using their torches. (fingerprints my dear Watson, fingerprints). Everything was ok so they left. The older one going the easy way through the front door the younger climbing back over the fence with Dad. Our household then settled down again.
I was excited by something different happening and wanted to talk about it. A few months ago I would have sat down and written to Alan about it at the first opportunity. I felt disappointed that I had to wait until Friday evening to tell him. I haven’t got used to this ‘no letters’ business. I still find myself looking for a letter every morning and then I am disappointed for those few seconds until I realise that he is home.
Fifteen minutes earlier and those two policemen would have walked up the pathway straight into Alan and me. That would have brightened their evening shift!


This evening Alan had remarked that he hadn’t taken me out yet and suggested that he could get theatre tickets for Friday night. I thought this was a marvelous idea and we spent ages deciding what we would like to see. We agreed it would be a musical but as it was such short notice didn’t pin ourselves down to any particular one. When he asked I told him which I’d like to see ie The Sound of Music, Music Man and of course, King Kong which I’d fancied for a long time.

We have agreed that we can’t see each other every night of the week and came to an arrangement about a timetable. We decided Tuesdays and Thursdays as our nights off. Although, at first Mondays and Thursdays seemed the best idea but I said that Mondays were bad enough as it was and the thought of a lonely evening in would make them even worse. So, tomorrow night I am strictly on my own, the first day I won’t see him since he has been back. Still, I’ve got to wash my hair anyway.
He really is a darling. So attentive and considerate.

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