19th March 1962


We spent the evening at Alan’s house.  I took my knitting and between chatting and knitting it was much the same as any other evening. It was a change of scenery if nothing else.

knitting 7

I’m thinking of writing to the wool company, Paton & Baldwin, about knitting for them.  One of the girls at work, who knows I am constantly knitting, suggested it for me.  She got details from her mother who works for them.   Apparently they have people to test their knitting patterns before they are printed.  The money looks very good.  They pay 3/- to knit up an ounce of 3ply wool.  My only hesitation is that the measurements/tension must be accurate and I know I knit tightly.  If they reject a garment I would have to pay for the wool used.

It would all help the savings.  I do earn some from friends and family who can be persuaded they need a new cardi or jumper but Patons would be serious money.  I need to think about it.

We’ve had a decent weekend so a quiet evening suited very well.

Saturday we were at the pictures to see ‘Lover Come Back’.  Rock Hudson and Doris Day. (I paid because the poor ole dear must be broke after his birthday outing.) The film was marvellous.  I enjoyed it so much.  I’ve not seen such a funny film that wasn’t slapstick.

Sunday we were in at my house and watched Eurovision Song Contest on TV.  France won with a rubbishy song.  I thought the German entry was best.  Britain came 4th with Ronnie Carrol’s ‘Ring-a-Ding Girl’.


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