Letter 7



17th March 1962

Dear Lena,

Thanks for your letter.  I don’t think I’ve ever answered one so quickly – have I?

Is the certificate ok?  If not, let me know and we’ll do another one.  We thought it would  be better if Dad signed it as it is his house and I’m not over 21.  (Only 2 years to go though – terrible thought!)  Good luck with the school.

Miss Maureen Brown thanks Miss Lena Larsson for the kind invitation to her party on May 13th but regrets, owing to circumstances beyond her control (formal English phrase) she is unable to attend.

Don’t worry you’re not getting your English Grammar mixed up.  It is written in the third person.  I don’t know if you realised it but the 13th is the day after my birthday and I am trying so hard to have a party on the 12th May.  I used to have only Mum and Dad to persuade to let me have a party.  Now I have to persuade Alan as well.  We are trying to work out if we can afford it.  He said we had better wait ‘til nearer the time.  Is there any reason for your party or did you just feel like having a good time?

Alan and I had a good time last Wednesday as it was his birthday.  I met him for lunch and we had a few drinks afterwards.  Then, in the evening we went dancing and had a few more drinks.  By the time we got home we were giggling like two school children.  Mum wondered what had happened.  I felt terrible trying to work the next morning.  It made a nice change being able to go out and spend money.

Alan and I have finally arranged our holiday.  We kept writing to holiday camp after holiday camp but they were all full up so we decided we would have to go to a hotel.  I didn’t like the idea very much as I prefer somewhere where there are lots of people staying.  We had a book of hotels and picked what we thought must have been the biggest.  The one we decided on has a bar on the premises so we thought it must be a fairly big place..  Alan phoned them and arranged accommodation for us and they said they would send a brochure.  When it came we were astounded.  It looks so luxurious.  The rooms look enormous and they all have modern furniture in them.  The rooms overlook a bay, something like Osmington Bay where you and I were last year.  It is in Paignton, Devon, one of the few places in Britain where palm trees grow.  Imagine!  Palm Trees!  I’ll start thinking I am in the South Pacific or somewhere like that.

We did have second thoughts about it because it was so expensive but decided as it will be the last holiday we would have before we are married we would be extravagant.  We will probably have to eat our food off the floor when we are married but, who cares!

Carl is 23 now isn’t he?  I keep telling Alan he is getting old as there are only 2 more years before he reaches his quarter of a century.  He said he didn’t want the wheelchair I offered to buy him.  Ungrateful!

I hope your letter gets to the school before 1st April.



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