10th March 1962


It hasn’t been a bad week considering it began with compulsory overtime on Monday.  We had had warning it was to come and the ‘good’ news was broken to us the Friday before.

Alan offered to meet me from work after overtime.  I didn’t even ask!  I quite enjoyed working late – well, 6.30 wasn’t too late and the work was just routine.  He hadn’t bothered to go home or even to a pub for a drink but read in his office until 6 o’clock then strolled around to New Change and was waiting outside. He is a darling to wait like that.  And I didn’t even hint!  I took him home with me for tea.

I actually started on my skirts on Sunday.  I did all I could of the black and white one and now have to wait until I can get a zip.  It seems ages since I bought the fabric after assessing my meagre wardrobe and my lack of spare money – and when I was in a more enthusiastic mood for dressmaking.

singer sewing machine

On Wednesday we were supposed to be going to see the film Exodus but Alan didn’t get to my house until 8 o’clock.  As the film started at 7.10 it was a waste to go then so we decided to wait until Saturday.  So we stayed in and Alan and Dad played cards.  Ditto Friday.  I think Dad appreciates that I brought home a card player for him.

After all the hype for Exodus it was a great disappointment for me.  I was actually bored!  Alan enjoyed it more than I did.  On the way home I asked him how dare he take me to such an awful film.  That did make him laugh as it was my suggestion in the first place.

Lena has applied for a place at a college in Sweden to study English.  She needs a note to confirm she has been in England and studied English while she was here.  I suppose as she had to speak and listen to English while here that means studying.  Dad has produced a very formal sounding note beginning ‘to whom it may concern’.  I was very impressed!

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