17th February 1962


Back to my old office this week (GCI = General Card Index) after being loaned over to Dividend Dept.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers that be loaned me to somewhere else soon as GCI has so little work.  By Tuesday I was sooooo… bored.  I was supposed to be working on claims but very few of those so I was moved to section work.  No section work all afternoon.  Perhaps it was just as well as I had a bad headache.  I felt as though I was in a daze.  Maybe it is reaction from the smallpox jab?

     Valentine’s Day on the 14th cheered me up when I received a card from Alan.  He had also sent one to Jennifer, which was kind of him.

valentine hearts   He received 2 cards and was puzzled when I was able to tell him honestly that it wasn’t me that had sent the second one.  I knew it was from Pat and I had sent one to Robin.  All part of our master plan to keep them wondering.

Wednesday 21st

I had only reading and knitting to keep me occupied over the past few days.  Alan has a cold so haven’t seen him.  I asked if he wanted lilies or orchids in his wreath.  Poor thing was suffering so much – or thought he was!


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