11th February 1962


Today we have been engaged for 3 months!  We spent the evening with Alan’s sister Doreen and John at their house.  Another cheap evening.

It was Pat’s birthday last Monday so she and I had cider with lunch in the Bank dining room.

I wanted to show Alan the Osmington Bay holiday camp where I had such a good time with Lena last year so I suggested it for a holiday for us.  We had left it too late for this year, it was fully booked.  I was so disappointed.  I don’t know what we will do about a holiday now.

Friday was my last day on loan to Divs Dept and I was told I could go at lunch time.

Friday evening turned into an absolute disaster.  It was a wonder that we even reached the 3 month anniversary of our engagement.  Alan was working overtime and said he wouldn’t be leaving the office until 7.30.  I had, what I thought was a brilliant idea and decided to go into the City and be waiting outside for him as a surprise.

It was me that had the surprise.  Having worked in the area for 3 years I didn’t expect to be so disorientated.  I got off the Underground at Mansion House station and walked to the junction where the Bank, Royal Exchange and Mansion House meet.  There were so few people about that the whole place had an eerie echo.

I began to wish I stayed home but having got so far I located the road and the building.  Thankfully the night doorman was on duty and could tell me that the staff had left at 7 o’clock.  I was furious!  I had no right to be furious because it was my idea to leave my nice warm house and Alan had no reason to think I would be outside.

I hadn’t cooled down to any extent when I caught the train back and got off at East Ham station to ‘confront’ him at home.  It wasn’t much of a confrontation as he refuses to argue.

Poor thing felt obliged to escort me home after working overtime.

Yesterday also didn’t go to plan.  One of our rare evenings dancing, this time at the Winter Hall in East Ham, came to an abrupt halt.  I knew Carol and Clive would be there but got a shock when Carol told me Michael was there as well.  I didn’t see him but I felt uncomfortable so persuaded Alan we should leave.


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