8th November 1961


What a disappointment!!  What really bad timing!!

At work I was called in to see Miss Watson at lunch-time.  I am being loaned to Divs Dept for three months.  Starting next Monday!!  I could have cried!         

Next to Saturday I was looking forward to that day the most.  If only it could have been a week later!  I was moaning about it all afternoon.  When my supervisor came and asked me what I thought of it, I pulled a face and said, ‘well, I suppose it had to happen.’  I wasn’t the first to be loaned to another department.

I certainly felt sorry for myself this afternoon.

I was owed 2 half days in leave and that had to be sorted out before I moved over.  Miss Glass suggested I took Thursday and Friday of this week.   That was unfortunate as I already had a day’s leave on Friday.  We finally settled for Thursday and when it was agreed with the new department I can have the 24th as the second half day.  I was going to ask for that anyway as it is the day of Alan’s firms Christmas Dance.

I only have half a day to work until Saturday!!

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