7th November 1961


This evening Alan and I went to Marjorie and Bill’s house for a belated firework party in the garden.  It was jolly good fun.  There were loads of fireworks, especially bangers and the lads were throwing them everywhere.  We were worried for Marjorie’s baby, due to be born in less than a month.  Three of us girls were standing in the kitchen doorway and a spark set off two bangers behind us in the kitchen.  The bangers were hopping around everywhere and we were shrieking.  Marjorie said her baby had turned over!  The collar of my white blouse had now got a hole in it from the sparks.


After the excitement we had something to eat and then played ‘knockout whist’.  I won six pence so I had to pay the bus fare home – which was ten pence!

Only three days to go.  We asked Margorie and Bill to the party on Saturday.  They said they would decide on the day.  They wanted to come but Bill was worried about Marje.

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