13th September 1961

Dear Diary


            After a lot of persuasion Alan met me from work.  Much to the excitement of the girls in the office, who couldn’t see him out of the window anyway, much to their disappointment.

I got down to the lobby just as Carol walked away from Alan with the words ‘probably see you on the platform’.

I was told she had been talking to him for ages.  Probably just to impress the girls coming out.  Joan Hammond said she had heard my name mentioned so turned and got a good look at him.  I’m glad they found time to talk about me.

We never seem to do what we plan to do.  The Chinese restaurant idea for Friday got transferred to this evening but we ended up at Alan’s house for the whole evening.  The seven hours we spent together simply whizzed by.

At one time we were talking about my going to Sweden.  He informed me I was definitely not going to Sweden alone.  I don’t know if I was annoyed or pleased at him being so dominant.

We had a session of talking about ex’s.  I wanted to hear all about his old girl-friends but it brought a definite tightening of the throat.  He said he felt the same way.



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