6th September 1961

Dear Diary


      Why is it that I never find anything interesting to write about on a Tuesday or a Thursday?  Nothing interesting ever happens!

Everyone had an early night last night.  I sat in the front room knitting and reading all evening.  Tres boring but very restful.

Although Alan came round this evening expecting me to give a reason why we counldn’t go to the flicks (the Jerry Lewis is still on) I couldn’t think of one.  I did try.

Jerry Lewis
The film!  Well! I’ve never seen such a load of tripe.  And, what surprised me was that Alan was laughing so much the tears were rolling down his cheeks.  I was bored stiff.  In fact, the only time I laughed was during the B film and that was supposed to be a thriller.

Altogether it was a terribly boring evening.  I just can’t understand the chap’s sense of humour.  I must say, my extremely good opinions of him have dropped by about a quarter of a degree.

Tomorrow is another night off, well, officially anyway.  He broached the subject with, ‘it’s a long time until Friday, isn’t it?’  To which I readily agreed.  After Monday evening I said nothing else.  ‘Shall I come round and we can play records?’  he asked.

I would like to have refused because of Monday but I wanted to see him as much as he wanted to see me, so of course, I said yes.  Apart from his, ‘you don’t mind, do you?’ the matter was left at that.



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