4th September 1961

Dear Diary


I feel so mean! I really do!

Jean dropped in from work for a nice cosy heart to heart. She told me about her breaking up with Stan the night before and how the chap at her office who she has had her eye on had finally asked her out. I love confidential talks! She left after asking Alan and me round for the evening ‘if we had nothing else to do’. I told her we had planned to go to the pictures so only expect us if she saw us. It was pouring with rain anyway and I hate sitting in the cinema with a wet coat.

Alan arrived, late as usual and I sorta told him what Jean had said and after a bit of persuasion he said he would come. That was something else I thought was dead funny. On the station last night on the way home from Elsie etc, Dad offered to lend Alan the paint roller for his ceiling at home because ‘we won’t be needing it.’ Mum got her word in there. ‘That’s what you think, we’ve got the two downstairs rooms to do before Christmas. Alan thought that was funny and said, almost under his breath ‘and you thought you were boss!’
I was telling Alan how he would like to go to Jean’s house and Dad was sitting there laughing as he said ‘and you thought you were boss!’ Alan’s jaw dropped. He told Dad he didn’t think he had heard that.
They had a good laugh over it anyway. They get on pretty well together – considering Alan is regarded as a boyfriend of mine.

We went to Jean’s and horror of horror, Beryl was there! He told me later that he didn’t mind sitting in on a hen party. No one can ever get in much of a word when Beryl is in the room. She just couldn‘t stop talking and had us in stitches. She is so funny. She told us about giving all her boyfriend’s presents back when she was in a temper and he is keeping them.

Alan said he had enjoyed the evening.




Tomorrow is our night off and it is worse saying goodnight when we know we won’t see each other for two days. I did hint heavily that if he didn’t have anything to do he could come round but he said No, he would go and see some of his mates. They didn’t know yet that he was home. I felt rather rebuked for having mentioned it. I know I won’t again.

Today we have known each other exactly eight months.

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