3rd September 1961

Dear Diary


We had made no definite plans for this evening. Alan had said to expect him about 7 o’clock. When Mum heard this she blew because they had intended to go out before then and no way did she want us in the house alone. She finally calmed down when I coolly informed her that if we wanted to be alone in a house, Alan’s was empty nearly every night. At which she said she was only thinking of what the neighbours would say and we were to be sure to go straight out.

I started to get ready before they left – it helped to keep Mum quiet – and I was sitting waiting for him at seven. Of course, he was late. It was nearer 7.30 when he knocked at the door. I’m at not used to this. Every other date I’ve had has had to wait for me. I am getting a taste of my own medicine and I am not sure I like it.

As I knew it wasn’t definite where we were going I had been wracking my brains and decided it would be a good opportunity to introduce him to Auntie Elsie. He will have to meet them sometime and I thought it best if all the family were there to avoid any awkward lulls in conversation. I had pretty well got my mind set on it when he arrived. It was unfortunate that he’d decided we could go to the pictures to see Jerry Lewis’ film ‘Lady’s Man’.

Using his lateness as an excuse and saying we could go sometime in the week I told him my plan. He reluctantly gave in and we agreed that it would be Jerry Lewis tomorrow. Not that I want to see Jerry Lewis tomorrow or any other time. I think his films are rubbish.

The evening didn’t go off too badly. Alan is not at all shy and was talking most of the evening. I quite enjoyed it. Of course, the main topic of conversation was the R.A.F. it being both Auntie Elsie and Uncle Harry’s old service.



Mum, Elsie and Harry


When we got there they sorted out the chairs and Elsie said is that alright or do you want to sit together? Dad thought it highly comical when I said, ‘no, I can stand it.’ I played the card game ‘Beat Your Neighbours’ with Barbara which, Alan remarked, was just my game as it is easier than whist!
The most surprising part of the evening was brought about by Dad. Last Tuesday Alan and I were discussing next year’s holiday. He said he would like to take me to Jersey. Of course, we had doubts about the family’s opinion of our going on holiday together. Alan said that we would have known each other a long time by then and we will be engaged so that they should trust him enough after all that time. I still had my doubts though I didn’t express them.
This evening conversation got around to Lena and Elsie asked if I would be going to stay with her next year. I told her I would love to go but the plane fare was so expensive. I explained that even though it was part of the holiday the long trip by boat wouldn’t be very enjoyable as I would be travelling alone. To which Dad immediately jumped in with, ‘but wouldn’t Alan take you?’

Surprise, surprise. They seem to have taken it for granted that we will be holidaying together next year. Still, that saves a lot of the pleading that I have been expecting.
I don’t fancy the idea of a holiday in a Jersey though. Sounds so boring. And Alan refuses point blank to go to a holiday camp. We shall see I suppose. Goodness knows how I am going to find the money for a trip to Jersey though. It is hard enough to save for a holiday in England.

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