Letter 1

2nd Sept 1961


Dear Lena,
I find it hard to believe that I have been writing to you for nearly six years but this is like writing to a different person. This time I can ‘see’ who I am writing to and maybe can even guess your reaction to what I write.

Thank you for the postcard. We were all glad to know you had arrived safely.

As you can see I have collected and sent everything on to you, even my photos. I’ve got one more roll of film to be developed so I will send those to you when I get them.
Your earring was in my drawer after all. We must have been half asleep when we looked Monday night. It was hiding in a piece of cotton wool in the box we used to take it down to Dorset.

I hope the skirt is ok. I think the dressmaker made a good job of the alteration. It is hard to find the crease.

I think you heard Alan mention that we could go to Richmond and a boat on the river Thames when we left you last Tuesday. We couldn’t decide whether to go to Richmond or to the coast. We talked about it for so long that we didn’t have time to go anywhere but back to Alan’s house. When I got back home at eleven o’clock Mum said she thought I had gone to Sweden with you.

I went to the theatre again last night. Alan took me to see King Kong. I thought it was marvelous and I think it is the sort of show you would enjoy too.
In case you are wondering about that odd photo I have sent to you, it is the one Jennifer took when we went to the park the first Monday you were here. I assume she was pointing the camera at us and missed!

The weather has been marvelous all this week. Just because I had to go back to work.
The house has been very quiet and boring since you left and it seems strange to have Jennifer sleeping in her bed again. I keep having to look twice to make sure it isn’t you.

How are your foot and ankle now?


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