26th August 1962


The weather hasn’t been very good today.  Not exactly cold but cloudy and drizzling.

But it suited us as we were still recovering from what was a night without sleep on the coach ride down to Devon.

I lost Alan for a time this afternoon.  We were sitting around in my room and Alan got bored and said he was going for a walk.  A while later I got ready for dinner, knocked on his door but couldn’t get any answer.  There was only 15 minutes to feeding time and I was getting pretty worried.  I couldn’t find him anywhere in the hotel.  I asked a woman in the lounge if she had seen him.  She hadn’t.  After having a little chat with her I went back and peered through the glass of the door to his room.  He was in there!  He had fallen asleep and hadn’t heard me knock the first time.

The food here is very good.  Three courses for both lunch and dinner.  Yesterday evening we went for a walk into Paignton.  I wanted to be comfortable so wore flat shoes and my blue dress with the tie.  It is very everyday dress, which was unfortunate as we ended up in a very smart place under the Hydro Hotel on the sea front.  We found a warren of tiny passages and rooms which had all been made into bars – Armada Bar, Drake Bar etc.  These all led into a big room with lattice type windows high up at ground level. It was called the Shakespeare room and was decorated in what could be called the Tudor style.  Instead of tables and chairs – modern type – there were benches and thick wooden tables.  The walls were paneled with portraits hanging thereon.  The wall lighting was electric in the shape of candles with a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  It was really terrific and olde worlde. A band was playing music for dancing.

I was dying to dance even though I had been so tired.  I wished my Dad had been there.  Alan can’t dance.

This evening the honeymooner arrived, four pairs of them.  You just couldn’t miss them.

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