22nd December 1961


Christmas weekend and how different it promises to be from last year. Last year I had that row with Derek and was terribly upset because he didn’t come round on Christmas night. Then, a few days later I met Alan. That was the last Christmas I’ll spend alone. It makes me feel so happy to think of it.

Today, of course, was the last day of work. I knew I would be leaving early and had arranged to walk down to Moorgate with Pat. Then we would both wait for Alan and have a Christmas drink. That didn’t come off very well and it was my fault – as per usual!

Pat’s train timetable was in a mess because an electric cable fell during the night so she wouldn’t hang around until four o’clock but went home as soon as she could.

I went back to the office at 2 (the first and last time I’ll be back early from lunch) and soon after was told I could go. That meant I had 2 hours to wait around by myself. I phoned Alan and explained the position and cried off waiting for him. I think he was a bit annoyed because he had been looking forward to it.

In the evening we went for a stroll around the West End to see the Christmas lights. It was marvelous! It is the first time I have been there at Christmas time. We got a train to Oxford Street and walked right down Regent Street to Piccadilly. There weren’t too many people about but just enough to give the Christmassy atmosphere. There were choirs singing carols on lots of street corners and with the lights and all the people being in such cheerful moods it was wonderful!

Xmas 22.12

In Piccadilly we went into the Blue Boar Inn that Alan used to frequent in the ‘old days’. I felt like Lady Muck sitting there in a West End bar. Alan said he first went there when he kept seeing it mentioned in thrillers and James Bond books.

From there we had a stroll around Soho then took a taxi to Trafalgar Square. That was the best! The tree was all lit up and there was a band between the fountains and the crowd standing around were singing carols. Very Christmassy and very London.

We came home after that, very ready for Christmas.

choir 2

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