13th November 1961


Just a brief (for me) mention about the reaction at work on my engagement.  Today was my first in Divs Dept.  I was rather pleased about being there because instead of getting the ‘ohs and ahs’ over in one go in the morning I had it spread over the day as I saw different people.

I got to work fairly early because the trains were supposed to be running late so I left home early.  Janet Green was in the cloakroom and I just couldn’t wait for her to notice.  I just asked if she liked my ring.  I was surrounded in no time and enjoyed the attention.

One of the women in Divs had got engaged over the weekend and everyone was surrounding her.  I was a little bit envious because that should have been happening to me upstairs in my office.  I managed to bring the subject up pretty easily though.  Kitty, who was qualifying me, asked if I had wanted to be on loan there.  I said no, I didn’t really as I got engaged over the weekend.  They were ever so nice about it and made a fuss over me.  Kitty said I was to have a long coffee break and go up to my office and show the girls my ring.

I seemed to be meeting people various people throughout the day and they all admired my ring. Irene Leader pleased me most. She said her ring was old and second hand but it isn’t as nice as mine.  Fancy a girl admitting someone else’s ring is nicer than hers.

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