10th November 1961


            Today is the first day of the two day festivities.  Both Alan and I had days off today to prepare his house for the party.  I went over there in the afternoon and had a choice between the ironing or mending the curtain!  As the latter was the less strenuous I did that.  I made a bit of a mess of it but at least it’s fixed together now.

            As Alan kept popping in and out I ended up by doing the ironing as well.  It must have looked very odd to John when he came home from school – no sign of Alan and me ironing.  He was most obliging by dashing up and down stairs putting things away and getting things out for me.  Alan said he never does it for anyone else.  Honoured!

            Then….. Off to the South Pacific! Alan came back home with me for tea.  It was like a mad house!  Mum was in a flap.  Jennifer was excited.  I was chasing around getting ready while I was eating.  Alan was just standing in the middle of it all.

            We met Dad as arranged, at Mile End Station and all set off for Tottenham Court Road to see the film South Pacific.

            Of course, Mum, Dad and Jennifer hadn’t seen it before and Alan had only seen it on a flat screen.  The time I went before was with Michael, as a birthday outing.  But perhaps that shouldn’t be mentioned here and now.

            We all enjoyed it but I did wish Mum wouldn’t keep singing with it.

            Alan left the train at East Ham and I went home with the family. 

            And so to bed, the last time as an ‘unspoken for’ girl.

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