Letter 5



27th Oct 1961

Dear Lena,

We had a marvelous time at Brenda and Ron’s wedding.  They were very lucky as it was a beautiful day.  It was very warm for the time of year and the sun shone all day.

Alan was Ron’s best man and I went in the car to the church with them.  It was so funny because they were both so terribly nervous.  When we got out of the car outside the church Ron gave me a clothes brush and I had to brush down both their suits for them.  The people passing by must have thought it very odd.

I wasn’t looking forward to the reception because I knew I would have to sit by myself but I made friends with one of Alan’s friend’s girl-friend. We found out that we live quite near each other and went to the same school so we had plenty to talk about.

I felt good in my pale blue suit which I wore with a dark grey blouse.  I was delighted to hear one girl say to another, ‘that looks nice, doesn’t it?’

I can wait no longer!  I have something to tell you.  Alan and I are going to be engaged.  We asked Mum and Dad and they said they had no objections.  We were both glad about that because we hadn’t been looking forward to asking them at all.  We are not sure when we will get married but it will not be for another two years at least.

Alan is having a party on the 11th November and we will be officially engaged then.  It is going to be terrible keeping the secret.  I have planned that I am just going to wear the ring at the party and not mention it to anyone before.

Tomorrow we will go into London to the shops near our offices and hopefully, choose rings.  I am so excited!



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