Letter 3



28th September 1961

Dear Lena,

Did your books reach home safely?  How is school?  I have just found the stamps I meant to give you when you were here.

I hope your ankle is ok by now.  I’m pleased those shoes were alright.  Thank you for returning them.

Alan still hasn’t started work.  I am getting very envious.  He tried to get a job in the offices of the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham but they said they are not employing any new staff.  I think he intends to start work back at the Stock Exchange at the company he left to do his National Service.

You’ll never guess what record I’ve bought – or will you?  It’s ‘Sucu,Sucu’.  I have got the recording they use on the television.  I have heard so many variations recently.  It is becoming very popular.  I have heard so many versions of the words that I am not sure which are the original.

I have decided I really do smoke too much and I am trying very hard to cut down.  I really can’t afford it.  It has been worse today as we got paid and I’ve got the money to buy cigarettes.

I am writing this in bed by the light of a bedside lamp and as I can’t see the lines on the page very well I am sure I am missing them.  I will finish this now and write again soon.  In daylight!



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