27th August 1961



Dear Diary

            At midday Lena and I crawled out of our beds, very sleepy and full of memories of the party.  Although the thought of Lena’s return home has been in the back of our minds all the time, it was the party that would be the final ‘event’ of her visit and we had spent hours talking about details and final arrangements.

            I know I am not explaining this very well.  I think I mean, now the party is over all thoughts cannot help but turn to Tuesday and Lena’s departure.  Last night and the party was the final barrier between the marvelous time we’d both been having whilst she was in England and the day that was creeping ever closer when she would leave us.

            Alan came round for a while this evening.  He intends to catch the 12.30am train from Paddington so couldn’t stay long.  He has the formalities of his demob from the R.A.F. to finalise at Gloucester.

We spent the evening playing whist.  Dad and Lena versus Alan and me.  I didn’t really want to play but was almost dragged into it.  Dad has often tried to teach me but it is one of the things I just don’t seem able to pick up.  I just can’t make enough sense of the rules to get them stuck into my head.

It turned out to be quite a laugh. I could see that Dad enjoyed it a lot.  He doesn’t get much chance to play cards which he loves.

Alan left about 10 o’clock.  (well, actually he left the living room about 10.  He left the house about 10.30.)  I went to bed with the thought of work tomorrow uppermost in my mind. Ugh!

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